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Jenna Cane lived a primarily normal seventeen-year-old life. Her junior year of high school began as usual with boyfriend problems, hanging with friends, and thinking about college plans. That is, until she runs into Caden; the mysterious boy she meets on the Fifth Street Bridge on more than one occasion. Caden suddenly spirals Jenna's world into a whirlwind of magic, friendship, and betrayal when he reveals a talent that lay dormant deep within her-Psychokinesis, or, the ability to manipulate objects without physical means. When Caden and Jenna are caught socializing together by the new guy in school, Micah, Caden warns Jenna of the consequences that may be yet to come. After an unmistakable encounter, Jenna is left threatened and near death. The safety of her friends and family may be in jeopardy until she agrees to go to a place called "The Directory" which harbors people with abilities similar to her own. Forced through excruciating tests and obstacles, Jenna wants nothing more but to escape with her friends and put a stop to the Directory for good. But, someone might have ulterior plans in mind for Jenna's future that may not be so bright after all. Will Jenna use her abilities for good or be forced to engage them in evil?


My grandpa always used to tell me it’s not what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside that counts. I never knew what he meant before. Now I do. No matter how helpless I looked. No matter how vulnerable I appeared, I just accomplished something that ultimately saved my life. And potentially Caden’s as well.
            “Well!” Micah shouted, thoroughly impressed. There was another emotion hidden beneath the grin, however. Maybe fear? Concern?
            Although I was still in a life or death situation, a sudden wave of relief washed over me. I was still tense, but a little bit more relaxed. Maybe it’s because I knew I wasn’t so defenseless after all.
            “This is interesting,” Micah continued, obviously struggling for the proper words. “Definitely wasn’t expecting that. Were either of you?” He gestured to his two companions, who stared blankly at him. “You’ve been holding out on us, Cade!”
            I dared a glance at Caden who was standing next to me in a defensive position. His scowl revealed more than his words could have, a twitch revealing on his moonlit face.
            “Micah, just let her go. She won’t say anything about this.”
            Micah seemed unconvinced. “I’d like to take her word for it, not yours.”
            “I promise,” I immediately interjected. “I won’t say a thing.”
            Micah began to pace, which caused a slight tinge of panic rush through my muscles. I wanted him to stay on the opposite side of the room for as long as possible.
            “I don’t believe you.”
            As if some sort of invisible signal was passed from Micah to his biggest ally, the boy bolted towards me and I instinctively backed away. Caden rushed in front of me. However, I figured my gifts could be of more use to us at that moment than his.
            “Don’t touch her, Volt,” he commanded.
            “I don’t take orders from Veneficus’ side.”
            “Oh, we have sides now? Because I’m almost certain we all come from the same place,” Caden spat. “This is ridiculous. Are you going to threaten every gifted person you find and force them to a place they might not want to go to? It’s on the verge of slavery, if you think about it.”
            “Slavery?” Micah laughed. “Really? You really are something. We don’t make these people do anything they don’t want to. Once they visit, they’re hooked. It’s where we all belong. Acerbus is a wise teacher and tells everyone what they need to know to survive, very plain and simple.”
            “Survive? You say it like we’re some sort of wild species. We’re humans too, if you haven’t forgotten that yet. No one is a threat to us. We don’t need to learn protection.”
            “So you’d rather we all wander the Earth aimlessly, without any guidance? Without any idea that there are people like us out there. . .”
            “Stop trying to make me seem like the bad guy. I don’t murder people.”
            That halted the violent chain of arguments between Caden and Micah. I knew by the look in Micah’s eyes that nothing Caden said affected him whatsoever, that he was going to do what he wanted to do.
            “Let me tell you this one last time,” Micah approached Caden now. “I do what I do to protect our kind. You know what would happen if the government found out.”
            “So you kill off anything that you’re afraid of, is that right?”
            Micah pushed Caden aggressively out of the way and came up to me. He grabbed me by the neck. “You think I’m afraid of this?”
            I held up my hands and Micah flinched. It took everything in me not to chuckle.
            Angry and embarrassed, Micah threw me into the arms of the bigger one – Volt.
            “Let go of me!” I persisted loudly.
                Before I could even suck in a breath, I was being jolted violently as electricity shot throughout my body. Through every nerve, muscle, and vein. Through every organ and bone. I dropped to the ground with a thump.
            My eyes were open, but my body was temporarily frozen. I could only watch as Caden attempted to attack Volt, and how he fought off Micah easily, who then figured shouting at Caden would suffice for his already lost battle. But I knew the war wasn’t over.
            The unnamed boy with the knives had been out of the picture since I stopped him from ending my life up until that point when he continuously attempted to stab Caden, who reflexively always seemed to dodge out of the way just in time. I wanted to scream but my voice was caught up in my throat and all that escaped was a pained grunt.
            It was as if I suddenly didn’t exist. If only I could move my hands up, just enough . . .
            I didn’t realize I was doing anything until the fight broke up and Volt and the knife boy were visibly being pushed up against my wall. It didn’t take long for any of them to understand what was happening. I got to my feet, slowly but surely, and with all of my might, forced the boys against the wall nearest my window. Micah only watched me as if I were some sort of movie. Caden regained his strength.
            “Get. Out,” I nearly growled, barely keeping my legs from giving out.
            It was Caden’s turn to lunge at Micah, but Micah only backed away with his hands up in surrender. “Fine,” he allowed, “We’ll see who’ll be laughing last.” I found that funny, because I wasn’t even close to laughing at all.
            Micah signaled his friends to follow him as he jumped from my window out into the yard below. It took a few moments to realize I had to release them for them to leave. I let go of the force and watched hesitantly as they took turns leaping from the window. I kept my hands up protectively for a few minutes after they were gone just in case they would come back in an ambush.
            My heart was pumping so hard I was surprised my chest was strong enough to keep it restrained.
            Caden finally came up to me, helping me put my hands back down at my side.
            “I told you they would come.”

I heard my mom’s footsteps rushing down the wooden hall as I forcibly lay in my bed. The door was locked and she began jingling it loudly, pounding on my door.
            “Jenna? Jenna! Let me in! What’s going on?” Luckily everyone had left before she decided to come see what was wrong.
            I narrowed my eyes in an attempt to appear tired and rubbed them a little to get the redness effect. I trudged over to my door, unlocked it, and let my frantic mother inside.
            “Jenna! What on Earth was going on in here just now?” I thanked the Lord my dad wasn’t home that night.
            “What?” I played dumb, squinting my eyes as if they were sensitive to the hall light.
            “All of that noise! Did I hear voices as well?” She poked her head in, searching my room. I just noticed my television was on.
            “It must have been the TV, Mom. I was sleeping . . .”
            “It sure didn’t sound like it! Do not lie to me, Jenna Rae.”
            She pushed passed me and began to thoroughly examine my room.
            “Excuse me, can I see your warrant?” I asked, plopping myself back down on my bed. When she didn’t respond, I said, “Come on, Mom. What are you expecting to find? I promise I’m not hiding any boys in here,” I joked.
            “I’m not convinced,” she admitted, folding her arms across her chest.
            I shrugged. “I don’t know what you want me to say.”
            Sighing out, she padded back to my door, making one last glance around the perimeter. “Go to bed,” she said with defeat.
            I sighed and spread out on my bed. Caden appeared at the foot of it.
            “That was a close one.” He smirked.
            “Not funny.”
            Caden pulled the chair in the far corner of my room to my bedside as quietly as humanly possible. He was suddenly serious. “That’s not the last time you’ll see Micah.”
            “I know. I have chemistry with him.”
            Caden gave me a look that said That’s not what I mean and you know it.
            “What did he want?”
            “He wanted you dead, thought you were a witness to my gifts in particular. I knew he would come when he saw us at the ice cream parlor,”
            “Well thanks for the warning,”
            “Now he wants you as a recruit for the Directory.”
            “Come again?”
            “The Directory; The place I was telling you about. I tried to keep as much information hidden as possible. The less you knew, the safer you were.”
            “How am I going to go back to school . . .”
            It seemed neither of us knew the outcome of that.
            “I’ll get rid of him.” His tone was cold and heartless.
            “You’re going to kill him? Wouldn’t that make you just as bad as him, stooping to his level?”
No matter how much I wanted Micah gone forever, there was still a little voice in my mind that knew right from wrong, that told me death wasn’t the answer.
            “Whatever it takes.”
            I didn’t like the way his eyes held no emotion. Only apathy.


I began writing Psychokinesis when I was a junior in high school. I honestly couldn't tell you where I came up with the idea. I've always been fascinated with supernatural powers (totally love the X-Men) and if I could have any super power, telekinesis would be it.

Some may wonder why I chose the word "psychokinesis" as opposed to the simple "telekinesis." I really can't answer that, either. I think "psychokinesis" just sounds, well, cooler; Makes people wonder.

My current roommate and very good friend Kyla Jones designed both Psychokinesis and Neverafter's cover. She's majoring in art (big surprise there) and adores photography and using Photoshop. Not to mention she's pretty darn talented. Yes, that is me in the picture, if anyone is wondering. We spent hours in our hall's common room taking pictures of me and various furniture and items. It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun as well! I chose purple to be the primary color of my first published novel because purple is my all-time favorite color!

Being the impatient person that I am, after being rejected by a few agents, I decided I wanted Psychokinesis published and to do that, I would have to take matters into my own hands. I e-mailed fellow author David Seaburn (whose contact information was acquired due to my sister meeting him at my former high school) and we discussed various publishing routes. He suggested CreateSpace to me, and since I've seen that website promoted on (in which I have two accounts on), I decided to use it.

CreateSpace is an independent publishing house, different from self-publishing, but not really. I didn't have to pay for any package like you do in self-publishing (, etc.) and instead, everything is free! This seems brilliant, but it also takes a lot of hard work and dedication. If you don't have a few hundred dollars to spare you'll have to edit your book without a professional editor and without an art major roommate like me you'll have to design the cover and convert it to PDF by yourself. I didn't even realize how difficult it was to create the cover until Kyla and I were actually doing it.

My long-term goal is to find an agent to represent my writing and publish through a major publishing house. I'm on my way; I email agents every week and contact authors on Twitter who are willing to express their own advice and experiences. (Moira Young, author of Blood Red Road, actually tweeted me back!) But for now, I am happy with my decision and I hope I can spread the word so more people will know about my books!

Psychokinesis is about 220 pages and available on Barnes & Noble's website, Amazon, and CreateSpace for $8.99 and available on the Kindle and Nook for $0.99.

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