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Updated: 2017

Welcome to my blog! In November of 2016 I was hired for my very first teaching job. Because of that, I have not had a lot of free time for writing. reading. or blogging! I teach grades 7 through 12 emotional support and it's definitely an exhausting career, but I am very excited to begin my journey as an educator. I am currently writing the sequel to Between Dawn and Dagger (which is still posted on Inkitt and Swoon Reads if anyone is interested in reading it), and am continuing my quest for a literary agent. I am tremendously exciting to have this summer off--the first summer I have been off since the beginning of college. I will be using this time to write more blog posts and work on my novels. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to contact me on my social media!

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Updated: 2016

Hey everyone! Some updates about me: Next month (May) I will have my master's degree in Special Education 7-12, something I've been working on for a year. I am very excited to have a second degree and look forward to the opportunities that come along with it. I am an aide at my local school district for emotional, learning, and autistic support students in grades K-2 and 9-12. I finished a thrilling fantasy novel in April of last year, Between Dawn and Dagger, and it is currently posted on Swoon Reads for people to read, comment, and rate (Find it here: https://SwoonReads.com/m/between-dawn-and-dagger/). I am still on the prowl for literary representation and have sent out many query letters for this latest novel. I am also working on the sequel to Psychokinesis (Pyrotechnics) and hope to finish the bulk of it this summer when I am no longer enrolled in classes. Thank you for stopping by and showing interest in my work! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Updated: 2014

Hi all, not much has changed since I first wrote this section on my blog two years ago. Some updates on me: I am 21 and currently student teaching as a tenth-grade English teacher and I will graduate college in December. I work at a video rental store part-time until I can snatch a full-time teaching job hopefully this spring. I'm still writing, I'm still reading, I just don't have as much time to recently! For updates on my novels, please check out the main page of this blog or follow me on Twitter @StephaniDamato

Updated: 2012

First, I’d like to thank everyone who navigated to this page to get to know me a little better. I appreciate your interest!

I’m a nineteen-year-old college student attempting to pursue my career as an author. I hold a major in English education (goal = become a high school English teacher) and a minor in writing, not so much to improve my chances of getting a job in education, but to aid in advancing my writing skills and knowledge.

I have been writing since I was eleven—way  before I even liked reading—and have been creating stories since I was born. I’ve always been fascinated with creating my own characters with their own personality, traits, adventures, etc. I adore designing my own world which is why fantasy is my primary genre. Making my own world means I decide the rules—what can and cannot happen—meaning I barely need any prior knowledge to write my stories other than my own imagination.

I’ve been exposed to reading many sorts of genres—mainly in school—but I seem to flock to fantastical, paranormal, adventurous novels that keep my interest with every page. My writing can only improve by exposing myself to the type of writing I aspire to develop. For example, some of my favorite novels include the Harry Potter series, the Hunger Games trilogy, the Divergent trilogy, the Trylle trilogy, and the Mortal Instruments series.

Having a full-time job in the summer and being a college student during the year, it definitely proves difficult to maintain a habitual writing/reading schedule. Nonetheless, I attempt to read a few chapters of a book every night. Unfortunately, this summer my writing has been slacking. I hope to finish the sequel to Psychokinesis in the fall; maybe then I’ll have more time.

In high school I enjoyed being a member of the drama and writing club as well as participating in the annual musicals. Although not highly talented in the vocal department, I believe music is very inspiring and singing just makes me feel good.

Before I decided I wanted to be an author, my goal in life was to become an actress. My  hopes quickly diminished upon realizing the likeliness of a small-town girl making it big—especially one who was not willing to move! I don’t know how far of a reach it would be to pursue my dream of being in movies, but for now, that is set on the backburner. My passion is writing.

Lastly, here is a picture of me and my amazing boyfriend, Jake.

I have a Twitter and love talking to fellow writers, authors, and readers. Feel free to follow me! @StephaniDamato

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