Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Writing is a Drug

I haven't posted anything on my blog in awhile and there exist two potential reasons behind that: for one, I haven't had the time to write much lately since I've been either working or out of town all summer and two, I haven't really had much to write about. I love writing, but it has evaded me for the majority of the summer. Now that summer is (somehow) already ending, I've realized that I should have written more this summer. This epiphany came over me when I was watching a fellow writer's video on YouTube and like an atomic bomb exploded in my head I had the sudden, intense urge to write. Anything. So I guess this leads us to this blog post.

I finished writing a fantasy novel before the summer began and immediately I started on its sequel because I was so excited about the story, but I haven't touched it since--haven't even glanced at it. This makes me sad. When you're passionate about something you need to make time for it, not watch Netflix all day and then say you're too busy to do it (guilty). Now that I want to open that story again, I'm about to get surgery on my right (dominant) arm, and I'm unsure as to how long the recovery process is going to be or how much it is going to limit me, if any, when it comes to writing or typing.

However, even if I'm able to write still, I work 38 hours next week. I work basically every day at odd shifts like 2-10:30pm that takes up the entirety of my day. Whenever I get home at 11pm all I want to do is sleep so I can get up and do it again. I shouldn't complain--this is what I wanted. All summer I wasn't getting great hours because of pay roll cuts and now that I'm getting more than part-timers usually do, I suddenly find myself wanting that time back. What was I doing all week if I wasn't working? Why wasn't I writing?

Whenever I actually think about writing--brainstorming scenes, characters, dialogue, whatever--it's like someone has injected me with the Writing Drug. It fuels me. It blocks out everything else I need to get done and it's like it physically pulls my hands to the keyboard. And of course, as I'm writing this, my laptop is about to shut off for mandatory updates. So I guess for now, what I'll leave you with is this--whatever you love, do it. Don't make excuses. Let it be your drug that drives you and fills you with happiness and a feeling of immense accomplishment.

I'm going to try to write more on this blog, that's for sure.

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