Wednesday, April 8, 2015

It's Important to be Beautiful

It's Important to be Beautiful 

No matter what kind of person you view yourself as, everyone always has their moments where they look at a magazine or see a movie or pass by supermodels on store posters and think "I wish I looked like that." Well, I've come to the conclusion that we are right to think that way. Physical beauty is the most important thing that one can posses. 

I'm kidding, of course. But I can't deny that I haven't felt that way as well. I've had those thoughts. I want her long legs and her glossy hair and her toned abs and her blue eyes, etc etc etc. But I 100%, completely and utterly believe that physical beauty only partly defines who you are. Your appearance is what everyone sees first, and there are only some aspects about it that you can change or manipulate to your liking. My advice? Never change yourself based on someone else's standards. If you want to put on make up and high heels every day, go for it. If you want to wear designer brands, go for it, but NEVER succumb to what society subconsciously TELLS you to do or be like. Do it because you thoroughly enjoy it. If you want to wear black T-shirts and sweatpants every day without a hint of makeup, no one should tell you that you're weird or "not feminine enough." Be who you are and dress your appearance however YOU would personally like to be perceived by others. I notice that this article is focused more on females (because I am one), but same thing goes for males as well. Who cares if, by society's standards, you aren't masculine enough? If you want big muscles and nice hair, awesome, go to the gym and take a trip to the barber. You don't care about those things? Fine, no big deal. 

So why is this titled "It's Important to be Beautiful"? The answer: I want to remind everyone that being beautiful on the inside will get you significantly farther in life than anything else (along with dedication, hard work, love, passion, resources, and a myriad of other things of course, but this article is mainly to discuss outer vs inner beauty). Whether that be at work, at home, in relationships (both romantic and friendly), on the Internet, at the grocery store...people will respect, admire, and have a positive view of you if you're a genuinely good person, not just because of what you look like. 

So what's a "good person." That's debatable, but in my own terms that would be someone who is kind, the least judgmental that they can be, open-minded, helpful, and caring about people and issues in their life and our world. For me, a person is ten times more attractive when I'm attracted to their personality and who they are. It's human nature to be fond of someone based on what they look like, but we have to remember that's merely a fraction of who they are, and if their inner beauty doesn't match their outer beauty, we may not want them in our lives for very long. 

Don't get me wrong. If being a supermodel is what you want to do and what you want to look like, no one should judge you for that either. If it's what makes you truly happy, if it's what you strive for. What I'm saying is that no one should feel pressured by ANYONE to change who they are, or enhance their bodies to conform to what society deems pleasing to the eye. What, in my opinion, people should be more focused and dedicated to is bettering their character and their attitude towards others. 

I think the world would see huge changes if we marketed as many different "types"** of people in stores and on posters and online...If we saw more "average looking"** people in advertisements and on television, I think we would all be able to connect more with these companies and shows and whatnot. I'm not saying that all beautiful people are shallow and not good people...I would never think that! But we don't know these people, we only see what is marketed to us!

** I say these things in quotation marks because there definitely could be debate on what various types of people look like or what an average person is. I use these terms for the sake of getting my point across. I hate confining things and people to labels, so I don't mean to offend anyone! 

Overall, you're born to look a certain way based on your genetics--you can only do so much to change that--but you're also born to act a certain way based on your genetics as well (and your environment. I think both of these things are a factor in who we are and who we become). What I'm saying is: your appearance is something you deal with daily and so you should embrace your outer beauty and if you must you can alter it to your liking, but only if you truly do it for yourself. Think about it. Whether you believe in God or not, I believe we were all created to look a certain way and we should cherish and love the body and life we were given. Focus more on bettering yourself as a person, because ultimately, that is what will get you far in life and that will also be one step closer in achieving happiness. 

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