Monday, March 16, 2015

My Opinion on Tattoos

My Opinion on Tattoos

I don't have a tattoo, and I never thought I'd ever want one. This surprises me just a bit, considering I am a fan of art and literature. I've never been particularly bias against people with tattoos, I simply never thought I could make such a permanent decision at my young age. As I get older I realize now there are a few small tattoo ideas that I would probably go through with, just now right now for various reasons. All of my best friends have tattoos. Many people I know have at least one. It's becoming less and less rare or taboo nowadays, I'd like to think. But with everything even remotely controversial, there are always opposers.

I'd like to think I associate with generally accepting, open-minded people, and therefore I don't personally know of anyone in my life who is blatantly against tattoos or getting them. However, I do browse the Internet and have seen some of the outrage that exists amongst tattoo-wearers, most prominently the fact that they make a person appear "unprofessional." Let's think about this.

Tattoos are a creative outlet. They're something you wear on your person, similarly to piercings, hair color, clothes, accessories. The only difference is tattoos are "basically" permanent. Now, when I see a person with a tattoo, I don't automatically judge their character. It's like judging someone based off the purse they're carrying. Tattoos can say a lot about you, I'll admit, and if you sport a KKK or swastika symbol on your arm, then I probably wouldn't want to associate with someone who blatantly demonstrates their negative prejudices. However, if you have a butterfly on your shoulder, some flowers on your arm, a cross on your do those things affect me? Why should I care what you choose to flaunt?

I like the saying "live and let live." Let people do what the want to do and mind your own business, as long as what someone is doing isn't hurting you in any way. Just like tattoos, if you don't like my Chevy cobalt, don't drive one. If you don't like my Disney sweatshirts, don't wear one. If you don't like my belly button piercing, don't get one. How dare someone judge me for those things? If you walked into a job interview and someone immediately thought less of you due to the floral pattern of your blouse, wouldn't that be outrageous? The same, I think, goes for tattoos.

I recently read an article about why mothers with tattoos are dooming their children to a life of ridicule and neglect. I thought the article was going to be satirical at first, but quickly realized the author was dead serious. There's even a Facebook page against moms with tattoos. In what universe does having a tattoo correlate with someone's ability to be a parent/teacher/sibling/friend/coworker/etc?

Mind you, for anyone who would listen to me, I highly advise you think about a tattoo idea before getting one and avoid impulse inking. Because unlike many things, these images or words will stay with you until you die (and can be expensive and time consuming!) But honestly, if you get a tattoo I deem as stupid and you end up regretting it, that's something you have to live with, not me. So personally, I don't care what you get. It isn't my life.

I don't think ink on your skin makes you any less intelligent or capable of doing a job and doing it right. I don't think it prevents you from being a professional, honest, hard-working person and employee. Of course some people with tattoos aren't trustworthy or morally-sound individuals, but I definitely believe the person is going to be either respectable or not whether they have ten tattoos or zero. It's all about character, and having Winnie the Pooh on your calf isn't going to tell me anything about your character besides you appreciating the work of Disney.

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