Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Reflecting on Uncertainty

Every stage of life brings its own difficulties, uncertainties, and hardships. I'm finding that being a college graduate at 21 sometimes brings: what am I going to do for the rest of my life? Am I making the right decisions? Am I doing what I'm supposed to do? Am I enjoying myself? Where will I be in five years? Where will I even be in five months?

Sometimes it's hard to reflect and really think about the future. But it's also exciting. Where will I be in five months? Wherever I'm supposed to be. Life is too short to not enjoy yourself, wherever life brings you, whether you anticipated a certain change or not. Everything will work out for the better, even if it takes a lot of time and hard work.

Working with people and the English language is something I'm passionate about, no matter how many days I feel doubtful or uncertain or even scared, I keep telling myself, "I'm pursuing what I love, and that's all that matters." I have clear goals that I want to accomplish, but the paths to them are to-be-determined. I will not sit around and wait for my dreams to happen, but I also can't worry about it because God has his own plans for me that may or may not be ones I have for me. That's where faith comes into play.

Will I pursue a masters degree this year? Maybe. Will I be hired as a full-time teacher? Who knows. Will I be a best-selling author? We'll see. The best thing about being young is that I don't need all the answers right now. It'll be years before I get married and have children, and so for the time being, I have to be okay with uncertainty, because that is what life's about and I plan on loving every second of it.

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