Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So Much Homework!

I am currently taking a break from reading for my British Literature class to write this! (Although I've been procrastinating already by exploring YouTube). It's near the end of the semester and there are a lot of things that need to be finished up. I schedule for next semester tomorrow morning at 8am *long, dramatic sigh* and a lot of papers are about to be due. I have tons of reading--in anthologies, textbooks, and novels--and although I am enjoying some of it, it's hard to enjoy any of it when I have little to no time to finish anything properly! I've been Spark-Noting Shakespeare (shhh) ever since I attempted to read one play this semester because they're so long and more difficult to understand that I simply don't have time to juggle all of those plays, plus ten novels, plus weekly readings in several other classes. It makes me sad, but I am learning a lot and I know this knowledge will be useful to me in the future (if not now) when I'm finally a teacher!

Novel update: I've been working on my dystopian novel, in which I am still searching for a title, and I adore it's progress although I only ever want to write it when I already have a ton of other things on my plate. I'd say "I can't wait until summer so I can write more" but I'll be engaging in two online classes plus a full-time job! I can't complain, though, because this year is definitely one of my most productive ones.

Anyway, this literary rant is over, and I'm hoping that all of you in classes are having a less stressful time making sure everything is completed.

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