Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stress and Tests

This week has been so busy for me it's nearly unbearable. For American Literature we are required to do a take-home test (due Saturday) but the in-class portion is today at 5. I am nervous for this because I had to practically memorize 20 quotes from various writings (Walt Whitman, Anne Bradstreet, John Smith) but only 10 will be on the test, and we only have to explain two of them. My main concern is I am not sure how this teacher grades yet. We only meet once a week so I feel like I barely know her and the class and now I'm expected to do a four-section test? I'm praying this goes well!

I also have a meeting after classes tomorrow with my Creative Writing teacher to see if I can use his class as a "contract course" for the Honors Program, meaning, if I do an extra project or paper, I will get required Honors credit. This is the only class I'm actually truly interested in, so I hope this turns out positive as well.

This weekend is filled with games and shopping (well-deserved, if you ask me!) so I'm hoping I can finish these essays and blog posts by Friday! Speaking of blogging, for my class Writing for the Non-print Media, we were required to create a blog through Blogger and talk about the class and other educational stuff. If anyone is interested the URL is On there, I also provided a link to this blog, so maybe some of my classmates can check out what I'm working on!

I have to study and begin this take-home test, so I'll write more later.

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