Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I've been so discouraged lately with my writing. I read all the time, hoping to become inspired, but it only discourages me from writing . . . like I'll never add up to these published, well-established authors. I realize everyone started somewhere, and I'm not even asking for riches and fame, I just want to share my story with people. I admit I don't do enough commercializing my already-published novels, but I see those as my "beginning," my "starting point." They're not classics, but I loved writing them. They're not only all of my hard work piled together, but also memories I can never forget. I'm proud of my writing--I am--but I just wish to expand my vocabulary and study the art of piecing together subplots into plots. I do not get much professional feedback and therefore am not sure where I stand when it comes to my writing ability. I get tons of encouragement from my loved ones, and it all means a lot, but I want to share my stories with total strangers as well.

If you want to help me out, please share this blog with everyone!

Anyway, I am going to begin writing my "short" story for my Honors Contract Course (notice how "short" is in quotations), and I already have the plot loosely woven. Once I piece everything together I can begin my writing journey!

Thanks to all who have helped me through my writing-block days, I appreciate the praise and criticism! :)

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