Monday, August 27, 2012

So little time!

I haven't had much time to blog since I created this blog, actually. After I finished work for the summer I had to prepare to return to college for my sophomore year, so I had little to no time to read or write anything, meaning I didn't have much to blog about!

Today was the first day of classes. I had two--Composition & Rhetoric and Writing for the Non-profit Media--and they seem to be challenging yet promising. For Non-Profit Media class, we actually have to create a blog on this site to discuss class-related things. We also get to share non-print media websites that we enjoy, so I may even get to show this blog to the class!

Tomorrow I have Educational Measurements and Assessments (or something along those lines) and American Literature 1. For American Lit we were given a book by Henry David Thoreau, and I don't mean to insult anybody, but I am NOT a fan of his writing. It takes him forever to get to the point. My junior year of high school I attempted to read Walden for my AP English class and definitely couldn't. Now, coincidentally, I have not escaped the dreaded Walden, for that is a required text for American Lit.

Sigh . . . now that everyone knows my general opinion concerning Thoreau, I should really gather my belongings for tomorrow's class! (though the first doesn't start until 2pm)

In more interesting (but slightly depressing) news, I have been brainstorming a new story idea! It is filled with action, emotion, and deep characters and sub-plots. However, I will not let myself begin another novel until (at least) the sequel to Psychokinesis or Neverafter is completed AND published. I can't be solely focused on this story unless I meet my pre-made deadlines!

With that, goodnight Blogger! And remember, ". . .the stories we love best live in us forever." -J.K. Rowling.

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